6 Ways to Overcome Corporate Time Wasters by Using Team Collaboration Software

The development of virtual technologies has allowed us to use cloud storage for collaborative work with critical documents. This article will consider the ways team collaborative services simplify business operations.

What is team collaborative software?

Documents are not made to be read. Documents are created to work with them – to make changes, supplement, correct. Therefore, the organization of work with documents is very important for the company’s overall efficiency. Think back to those endless mailings of contracts between the legal department and the accounting department, among which it is so difficult to find the final draft that everyone agreed on. The ability to share, view and edit documents makes collaboration truly effective. Especially in project-related topics, the quick and easy exchange of information is becoming increasingly important – modern collaboration tools offer the solution.

Collaboration tools have one core task: to optimize collaboration within a team or between colleagues in the company. It all starts with communication. For example, instead of meeting in long epic meetings or sending 97 e-mails back and forth, communication is quick and easy via chat. 

Virtual data room for team collaboration

You run into similar security risks when using “some” file-sharing tools. Of course, sending large amounts of data via the cloud is immensely practical, but security should still be guaranteed. Therefore, it’s better to look twice and choose an established tool that provides transparent information on security and data protection. In this case, a digital data room is a perfect alternative.

Virtual data rooms services have the necessary functionality for organizing joint work on documents within specific projects. The principle of operation, as a rule, is as follows – documents are not stored on local computers. Still, special servers are available only to those users for whom the authors of the documents have set the appropriate rights. To read and edit a document, there is no need to download the appropriate software – this can be done using the service’s functionality. Moreover, editing is allowed and commenting on various calculations, data, fragments of tables, etc., which is often required in collaboration.

How to overcome corporate time wasters?

So, there are 6 ways team collaboration software improve corporate management:

  1. All corporate information in one place. Employees’ working documents will not be “lost” on personal computers, mailboxes or personal vaults, all corporate information is collected in one place, and files are protected from accidental deletion.

  2. Smart search. All documents uploaded to the software are instantly indexed and available in the search results. This important feature saves valuable time otherwise wasted on searching & finding.

  3. Independent of time and place. A key strength of collaboration tools is the flexibility they give employees. Everyone has access to the system and can document the project’s progress.

  4. Information for everyone in real-time. Changes in deadlines, new legal requirements, results from the board meeting, technical changes, etc., are displayed to all project participants within one interface. i.e., important information does not disappear within an e-mail history but is available to everyone clearly and structured. 

  5. The increase in productivity. It creates a high level of knowledge transfer, especially for interdisciplinary teams. One hand knows what the other is doing. As a result, misunderstandings due to unequal levels of knowledge are minimized, decisions can be made more validly and faster. 

  6. Transparency. Customers or business partners can also be integrated into the tools  to give them a transparent insight or, for example, to discuss the results of individual stages.